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Saturday, October 30, 2004

Back From Manila~

Well, I made it back from Manila! The traffic! I spent nearly two hours in a cab to go 4 km, 1 hour 11 minutes of which was "waiting time" according to the receipt the cabbie printed out for me! Very modern! Not like the original yellow and black isuzu Gemini cabas that whezed arouns when I first went there in 87 or 88! The MRT and LRT trains were the way to get around but the steps are bloody steep! I also played tag with a bloke I am sure was trying to pick my pocket. I had someone try it on me back in 94 when I was on the LRT, never forget the mongrel! Always be very aware of pickpockets on the trains and in the jeepneys! Makati was huge and the malls! Glorietta 1 to 4 and Greenbelt 1 to 4 all laid out one after another and there are more than that to be had! SM Mega Mall is still huge but there are more in ORtigas now and also Cubao and Quezon and gawd knows where else! And of course the malls are full of sweet little Filipinas! Good job this bear is married, saves a lot of heartache and cash! Apart from the traffic and the malls, I have to say Manila is where it is at, if you want to make money and do some buisness. It leaves Cebu for dead as a sleepy, provincial nowhere. Of course tonight it tried its best to emulate the big city wth ridiculous traffic jams but c' was nothing like Manila! Nothing! I stayed at the Jupiters Arms in Makati, P1400 a night if you ask for the British Embassy Corporate Rate. You still get a McDonalds voucher for breakfast! Cute!

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Sunday, October 24, 2004

Crocodiles And Bears!

Crocodiles and Bears Well, we made it back from Crocolandia in one piece! La Terrorista managed to offer her index finger to nine species of toothed or beaked vertebrate and still have one index finger per paw! The Princess nearly exceeded her current record for asinine questions repeated ad nausea (19.3 per breath) and the Asawa was ecstatic when we drove in and saw her youngest sister was down from the province for the next week on vacation. Vangie the youngest sister helps out the most around the house when she visits and thus the Asawa is happy as she can be lazy for a while. Living like foreigners is fine for a while but then a Filipina likes to revert to type now and again. Doing bugger all because there are more than enough to do what little needs doing is very Filipina. I like Crocolandia. For P1000 a year you can be a member of the Foundation and really do something positive for the keeping of large reptiles in captivity. Not to mention several Civet Cats, Tarsiers, Owls, Hornbills, Kites, Pythons, Boas, Snapping Turtles, a Caiman, Philippine Crocodiles and an Ostrich. Yes. An Ostrich. Large flightless bird from Africa. How did it end up in a private zoo in Cebu? Beats me. I asked it but my Xhosa and Zulu are rusty (I used to work for a South African Booze company!) and my Swahili none existent. It turned its’ back to me and remained that way until I wandered off. Every time I snuck back it would quickly turn around and ignore me. I didn’t take it personally as it ignored everybody who came within sight of the pen. It costs P50 for anyone over 12 to wander around as long as they like, P25 for those under 12 and they didn’t charge us for La Terrorista. Most places take one look at her massive thighs and slip in a security deposit up front to cover repairs, medical bills, legal expenses etc. We were given a guided tour by a nice young Filipina who carried La Terrorista, helped the Princess see over the fences and so on, all for nothing. When we went to get a drink she disappeared, although I would have been happy to tip her with a soft drink for her troubles. The place has been cleaned up and repainted since we were there a year ago, nice to see I must say. Sadly the croc count is down and I think one of the casualties was the American Alligator. The Black Caiman is still there, although rather a small specimen and hard to tell the difference compared to a croc. The big Daddy, Lapu Lapu is there, although the other large Philippine Crocodile, Magellan, seems to have buggered off. Although approximately 18 feet long, you only see a few feet of it at any one time in amongst the lilies so it is difficult to appreciate the scale of the beast. La Terrorista tried to start a fight with some other visitors, which is what she usually does best, but they weren’t buying into it so she had to settle for more games of Russian Roulette for little digits. She had it in the Hornbill’s cage so fast my head spun but we managed to scare the bird away in time and drag her back from the fingerless future that awaited. When we had our refreshment she hijacked the Princesses’ Coke and hung on to the bottle like grim death. Sucking up the contents via the straw required a new technique where she decided if she stuck at least three inches of straw in her mouth, and thus down her throat, she wouldn’t spill as much! Between sucking up the Coke and the filthy junk food encrusted paws, she really was a sight! Crocolandia is a nice place to take the family and spend an hour or so, maybe even buy something from the Crocolandia Grill and make a picnic of it. As well as a nice place to take the cubs (and leave them, Heheheheh) it helps the Foundation care for the critters. Located just next to the lower bridge over the Mananga River in Talisay, follow the signs off the new Coast Road, it’s a nice afternoon’s drive out from Cebu with the family.

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